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  • A dedicated, experienced property manager will manage all facets of the property, and serve as the primary point-of-contact for all matters relating to the property. 
  • Your property manager will attend all meetings including Trustee meetings, budget meeting and the Annual Unit Owner’s meeting.
  • Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  For routine requests after hours, unit owners will be able to leave voicemail messages in their property manager’s voice mailbox, or send in requests via email or fax at any time.
  • A 24-hour answering service (after office hours) is provided to respond to any emergencies.
  • A comprehensive management report will be prepared and distributed in advance of each Trustee meeting.  The management report will include:
    • Minutes of the previous meeting.
    • Detailed financial reports, including the delinquency report, general ledger, profit/loss statement, and balance sheet.
    • Copies of all bank statements, cancelled checks, reconciliation report, and unreconciled transaction report.
    • Copies of correspondence, including delinquency letters, violation letters, owner requests, etc.
    • Details of all property activity, including:
      • Unit sales
      • Legal proceedings and opinions
      • Changes to insurance coverage and status of claims
      • Contractor bids
      • Copies of signed contracts
      • Status of maintenance projects
      • Status of all action items assigned at the previous meeting
  • A routine newsletter that provides financial, administrative, and maintenance updates to the community
  • We will prepare and send meeting notices, coordinate election proceedings, prepare the agenda and handouts, and present the financial overview and year-in-review at the Annual Meeting.
  • Your Property Manager will record the minutes of all meetings and e-mail them to the Trustees to review within two business days following all meetings.
  • On the association’s dedicated website, unit owners will receive e-mail announcements, view useful contact information, and download documents at the Trustees discretion such as the association’s budget, minutes, community rules and regulations, etc.



  • An initial review and assessment of all maintenance procedures, contractors, and the overall condition of the facilities will be prepared and presented to the Board. This report will include recommendations for immediate and long-term modifications and improvements.
  • Your Property Manager will conduct regular site inspections of the property to keep apprised of ongoing needs for maintenance and risk avoidance measures.
  • Tailored bid specifications will be prepared for contracted services and reviewed with the Board prior to vendor solicitation.
  • Bids will be solicited from qualified, licensed and insured contractors. Vendor selection will be facilitated through our extensive network and knowledge of local contractors that usually result in significant savings and improved service for the community.
  • Contractor performance, such as snow removal and landscaping, will be monitored by the Property Manager.
  • Northborough Property Management’s experienced and diversified maintenance staff are available for routine, construction, and emergency maintenance projects. 


  • Unit owners can view their account ledger and are able to make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment through the association’s website.  This process is easy to set up and is 100% secure.
  • Our intuitive filing system will ensure that any requested document can be accessed at a moment’s notice. This includes paid invoices, proposals, signed contracts, insurance policies, bank statements, vendor files, meeting minutes, etc.
  • The association’s records will be accessible for review by any unit owner at our premises during normal business hours.
  • We will work with the association’s insurance agent to ensure that insurance coverage meets the requirements set forth in the governing documents, and that claims are processed in a timely manner.  The association can participate in our group discount insurance package that has resulted in additional coverage with reduced premiums.

Financial Management

  • On an agreed upon date prior to the end of the fiscal year, we will present the Board with a draft budget. Once finalized and approved, we will mail a copy of the budget to all unit owners.
  • Condo fees and other income will be deposited promptly in separate association bank accounts.  The association’s reserve account can be deposited into a separate ING Direct account that is FDIC insured and provides one of the highest interest rates in the country.
  • Delinquency notices will be mailed to all unit owners who are in arrears by one month or more.  When required, further collection proceedings will be managed in a confidential manner that conforms with State and Federal statutes.
  • All approved invoices will be paid promptly.
  • We will coordinate with the association’s accountant for the preparation of fiscal year-end financial statements and tax returns.
  • The Trustees will have access to the association’s financials in real time through the association’s secure website.