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As an attorney at a firm that represents almost 3000 condo associations, I deal with many property managers on a daily basis.  Michael has always exemplified a property manager who knows how to get the job done when any legal issue arises.  He is always on top of the collection issues and makes sure that the association takes the appropriate legal action to ensure that the association recovers their condo fees in a timely manner.  Whenever I need to reach Michael, he responds immediately with the information I need in the format I need it in.  Clearly Michael makes sure his customers are happy as he seems to manage the properties he has year after year.  I recently attended an open house at Michael's office and met many of his client's, all of whom had glowing things to say about him.  He is a people person which is an important quality when managing the homes of many different people who share the same common areas.   
-Attorney Richard Brooks
Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, P.C. 

In my opinion, NPM is a leader in the property management industry.  Their professionalism, their clearly defined expectation setting, and overall engagement of great work separates NPM from their competitors.   I've lived in several condos and have never experienced the dedication of a strong management lead team nor had the trust in a services company such as NPM.   They truly have no competition."
-Laura Milewski
Trustee of Parkview on the Commons (Westborough)

Northborough Property Management has done an amazing job in managing the Autumn Chase Condominium Complex in Worcester.
  NPM had a sizable task in reworking all of our financials from our previous management company which were not properly maintained, and has done an amazing job in bringing down over $80,000 in condo fee delinquency to zero.  

They have also provided us with superb service with response times as well as managing several major projects from redoing the parking lot to extensive roof issues. They have been extremely helpful and acted proactively with maintenance and beautification of the property which has helped to increase property values as well as improve the living condition for owners and tenants. Overall they have been professional, courteous and a honest company to work with. 
-Christian Connolly
Trustee of Autumn Chase Condominiums (Worcester)

Near the end of 2011 our previous Management Company decided to close, we were not happy with them anyway. At the time, a transition took place with Northborough Property Management and they took over completely as of January 2012. NPM has been much more attentive to resolving issues that arise. Their maintenance staff has been extremely prompt and courteous and has helped keep our condo fees down.

- Paul Muller
Trustee of Executive House Condominiums (Marlborough)

Wayside Condominiums brought on Northborough Property Management in the summer of 2012.    Since their very first day working with us, Michael and Bruce immediately started looking for ways to improve the community and ways to save us money without sacrificing quality.    Our manager Bruce is knowledgeable and friendly and has proven to be extremely receptive to the needs of each unit owner, and responds quickly to any concerns that arise. 

The detailed management reports include financials, repairs, concerns, and accomplishments from the prior month and is provided to each trustee prior to each meeting. 
  Alongside the leadership of our property manager, these items provided, help us make more informed choices that significantly benefit all of the owners at Wayside.    NPM has produced great results on larger projects around the property as well as countless smaller projects; such as beautification of the grounds, obtaining a detail oriented cleaner, and providing proper maintenance to larger parts of our building such as the roof and the boiler system.    These items really do add to the value of the community.

I have never experienced a property management company run this efficiently and effectively. The company as a whole is resourceful and has a great reputation with the communities they serve as well as the suppliers and contractors that these communities utilize. 
  I highly recommend Northborough Property Management to any size community looking for outstanding leadership and management.
-Laura Schnaible
Trustee of Wayside Condominiums (Marlborough)

We switched Management Companies in 2008 because the prior company was not completing their duties in a competent way. Since hiring Northborough Management, they have given us sound advice. We now have a reserve built up to do badly needed r epairs.

They have helped us collect fees from delinquent unit owners and also made sure

our insurance coverage was adequate. Their communication with residents has been outstanding. They have taken care of very contentious matters in a pleasingly professional way.   Northborough Management has guided us towards a brighter future and our Board is very   satisfied with their performance.  
- Mary Murray

Trustee of Countryside Condominium (Grafton)

As a member of Northborough Manor’s Board of Trustee, I can’t express how easy it is to work with Michael and his team.  We hired Northborough Property Management in 2006 to manage our community.  Through many major projects and the reality of today’s economy, Michael and his team used their many useful resources, suppliers, and contacts to help us save money and still complete tasks that improved our property.

The Northborough Management team acts in a timely manner to our needs and keeping the Board aware of any major issue. They provide detailed packets for our meetings and they organize an efficient annual meeting that encourages owner’s feedback.  Choosing Northborough Property Management to partner with our community was one of the best choices we have made. 

-Susan Marotta
Trustee of Northborough Manor (Northborough)

For twenty-five years I have been an involved member of our association.   Of all my efforts on behalf of my association there is one accomplishment I am most proud of.   That accomplishment was acquiring the services of Northborough Property Management.    After years of languishing under a increasingly complacent management company I am now enthused and confident my association has a bright future. 

Don't settle for anything but the best.  NPM handles every aspect of the transition process and also made the task of being a trustee significantly easier.
  I would recommend them to any condo association that wants to hire an honest and trustworthy company.
-Jim McElhiney
Trustee of Regency Condominium (Worcester)

Northborough Property Management is a great company to work with. They're friendly and knowledgeable as well remarkably personable during even the most trying encounters. I couldn't imagine working with another management company. Definitely a smart choice if you're looking for a professional, friendly and a well run company. 
-Glenn Campana
Trustee of Ballard Woods (Worcester)

Northborough Property Management has excelled in all of my expectations. They walk the walk providing all trustees   peace of mind . They always provide us with the best rates/suggestions when it comes to vendors for landscaping, snow removal, etc.   The documentation provided to us is clear and concise. Northborough Property Management has been phenomenal to deal with and we are very  fortunate to have found them. I highly recommend that you contact them you will never have a headache again.
-Leandro DaSilva
Trustee of Elm Park (Worcester)

My name is Carolyn McHugh and I am a member of the Cider Hill Condominiums Board of Trustees.  We hired Northborough Property Management in 2006 to manage our community.  This company delivers!  Our property manager is a competent, levelheaded manager who has many useful resources, suppliers, and contacts throughout the Marlborough area.  His years of experience provide our board with good, sound advice.  The Northborough Management team is responsive to issues that come up and act in a timely fashion.  They keep the trustees and unit owners alike, up to date with information about the community.  Northborough Property Management is thorough and effectively run a quality property management company.  
-Carolyn McHugh
Trustee of Cider Hill Condominiums (Marlborough)

Northborough Property Management has been managing our Association since July 2008. They were the only management company willing to manage our community since we had over $85,000 in delinquent condo fees and many unpaid bills owed to our vendors.  Northborough Property Management wasn't afraid of the challenge and in less than a year they took an association that was operating in the red with many delinquent bills to one that had all accounts paid up to date and a substantial cash surplus.  

The list of improvements that they accomplished for our Association in the first 6 months would be more than you would have time to read (refinanced our bank loan, obtained better insurance coverage, increased our laundry commissions, improved communication with the unit owners, etc.). I will summarize by saying that if you decide to hire Northborough Property Management to take care of your Association, you will be in good hands.
- Marilia Dejesus
Trustee of Marlborough Court Condominiums (Marlborough)

I've served on the Board of Trustees at Ridgewood Condominiums in Marlborough, MA for the past three years.  Working with them has been a pleasure. I have found our property manager to have a genuine ability to work with every aspect required to make a property work well and prosper.  Our property manager has excellent communication and business skills that include working with vendors, board members, owners, contractors, and public officials.   As board members we are kept up to date with all matters, financial and otherwise in a timely manner.  I have worked with other management firms in the past and I am more than pleased with Northborough Property Management’s performance.                   
-Susan Winske
Trustee of Ridgewood Condominiums (Marlborough)     

Just a quick note of "personal" gratitude for all the effort Northborough Property Management has put into making Shillington Court much improved in many aspects.  We (the owners) struggled for years in trying to manage the property ourselves and it became quite obvious that we couldn't continue this way and I'm extremely satisfied that we made the right decision to hire Northborough Property Management.   

Some of the major highlights that Northborough Property Management has accomplished in their first 9 months of managing our community include:

  • Working with their recommended law firm, they have recovered in excess of $30,000 in past due/delinquent  condo fees.
  • Negotiating with The City of Marlborough officials, they were able to resolve mistakes on past due water bills which resulted in a $20,000 cost avoidance.
  • Leveraged multiple supplier agreements and passed the savings along to Shillington Court owners (recent reduction in property insurance >$6,000 per year)
  • Their professional maintenance staff has been efficient and courteous while making repairs and upgrades at the property.

Lastly, Northborough Property Management's website has been an effective tool to improve the communication with the unit owners while also providing real time access for the Trustees to review the association’s financials.
-Richard Chamberlain
Trustee of Shillington Court (Marlborough)

As a Trustee for a large association in Marlborough, the hiring of a property management company was the most important decision that we made as Trustees.  Choosing Northborough Property Management to partner with our community was one of the best choices we have made.  Our property manager is extremely professional, reliable and is always looking for creative ways to generate new revenue or lower the expenses for our association.  The community website that they provide for our association has been an excellent tool to collect condo fees, communicate with the owners and allow the Trustees to view the association financials.  Finally, their relations with local vendors and officials within the City of Marlborough have been advantageous to our community.  Overall, I would highly recommend the hiring of Northborough Property Management for your community. 
-Rona Long

Trustee of Wynwood Estates (Marlborough)

  Northborough Property Management has done an outstanding job managing the Cider Hill Condominium Complex in Marlborough.  They have provided us with excellent service in regards to response time to issues as well as the collection of outstanding fees.  In addition, they have been proactive in taking initiatives to improve the aesthetics of our property which has resulted in an increase in our property values.  
- David Winske
Trustee of Cider Hill Condominiums (Marlborough)

Since 2004, Claremont Condominium has been managed by Michael Beyranevand.  The first month he was with us there was an incident which required legal advice and eventually went to court (we won).  It was necessary to dig into past records as well as to keep very detailed information as to what happened after the incident.  Michael’s company keeps excellent records and in addition, his testimony on the stand was such that I feel it had a positive bearing on the outcome of the case. 

One of the things that I have been especially grateful for is that Michael surrounds himself with excellent maintenance people.  They are extremely knowledgeable, act in a professional and timely manner, and are always pleasant to deal with.  Michael is always on time for our monthly meetings and never rushes us through anything.  He always provides us, in advance of the meeting, a very detailed management report which helps us tremendously in making decisions. 
-Gail Borstell
Trustee of Claremont Condominiums (Franklin)

Northborough Property Management has been very efficient and caring with our community since they took over managing the property in 2004.  They handle any issue with the utmost attention and personally visit the site, reassuring the completion of every task.  They recently undertook the task of redesigning our entire parking lot which resulted in 32 extra parking spaces becoming available to the residents.  As a Trustee of the board I recommend Northborough Property Management to anyone looking for a capable and compassionate property management company. 
-Silvana Cardosa
Trustee of Wynwood Estates Condominium (Marlborough)

The Northborough Property Management group has managed our condo complex since 2004 and they have been indispensable and extremely professional in all of our dealings. Each and every meeting, we receive a detailed management report one week before the meeting with all the needed financial, administrative and maintenance paperwork.  At the annual meeting, we have been given the proper guidance and leadership such that the owners feel confident that the Trustees are doing a fine job and the property is well managed.  We hope to have many more years with Northborough Property Management!             
-Harold Krause
Trustee of the Woodlands (Marlborough)

Northborough Management has done a fantastic job for the Pleasant Gardens community. Their budget reports and the way they run the Association meetings are very professional and precise. They have an outstanding maintenance staff (Nathan & Bruce) who upgraded our existing privacy walls behind our townhouses with new vinyl siding walls.  Thank you Michael and staff for your excellent attention to detail.
-Frank Sangiorgio
Trustee of Pleasant Gardens (Marlborough)

Northborough Property Management and have been a wonderful property management company for our community.  Not only are they friendly and easy to work with, but they are very responsive to all questions and issues that come up in our community.  They prepare and distribute our quarterly newsletter and have set up a community website that allow condo owners to access information whenever they need it.  The website is very advantageous to the community as it is a way to put out messages to everyone on a timely basis.   

They have also been responsible for setting up and running our annual meetings for many years.  They put out the notice regarding the meeting to all condo owners, sets up the agenda, and prepare all the materials needed for the meeting.  In addition, they run the meeting acting as the moderator keeping the meeting moving and providing facts and information.  I truly feel that Northborough Property Management is the best management company in our area. 
-Barbara Coffin
Trustee of Williamsburg Heights  (Marlborough)

I have been working with Northborough Property Management since 2004. Their professional and efficient approach to handling two large insurance claims for our community was remarkable.  Michael and the Northborough Management team has been a great asset to Ridgewood Condominium.  Thank you.
-Gail Young
Trustee of Ridgewood Condominium (Marlborough)

Northborough Property Management has done an excellent job in preparing for and running our Annual Meetings.  This has been a major improvement to how the meetings have taken place in the past.  Thank you. 
-Paola Crowell
Trustee of Rose Pointe (Marlborough)

As President of a mid-sized condominium association, team work among board members, owners, and the property manager is necessary for the proper care & duty of owner's property, grounds, and fiduciary use of condo fees.  Experiencing two previous property management companies taught me two things:   

First, only those with a low-overhead, high understanding and direct experience in condominium association management could truly assist our board in its execution of Association-wide goals while watching that we preserve capital and routinely care for property.  Second, only Northborough Property Management has been able to demonstrate those qualities of genuine care for the Association's unique goals, timeliness, and preparation in getting our task lists punched out, and personal one-on-one capability to interact with both our owners and service providers/vendors with integrity and without ego.  I'd urge any condominium association to take a look at the value of their skill-set and service offering for their Association ownership.
- Paul Bailey
Trustee of Cider Hill Condominium (Marlborough)

As a small association that was self managed, we struggled for years on issues like back owed condo fees, special assessments and large projects.    With the help from the staff at Northborough Property Management, we were able to figure out a way to obtain the money to replace our severely ageing roof and other much needed projects.     They were also able to put our insurance out to bid and in turn save some serious money for the community.     Michael and his staff have lifted a huge burden off the shoulders of our board members.    The staff at Northborough Property Management is the most wonderful group of people to work with.    Whenever our owners call, we are always treated very professionally.    I would recommend Northborough Property Management for any association large or small.  
Keith Gagnon
Trustee of Mill Street Condo Association (Lancaster)


As two of the trustees for Eldorado Condominiums we made the change to NPM a year ago.  Working with Michael, Jenn and their crew has proven to be a wonderful experience.  They took over at a crucial time for us.  It was a long process for us to make the break from our former management company.  We interviewed several companies and Michael proved to be the most knowledge and professional.  So far, they have proven to be very competent and their record keeping is amazing. We look forward to a long relationship.     

-Yvonne Baker  & Nancy Quinlan

Trustees of E

ldorado Condominiums (Worcester)